Ross Rounds Individual Parts – Frames, Springs, Section Covers & Rings


Ross Rounds Individual Parts for restocking your Ross Round complete kit:

Visacheck frames are replacement frames for Ross Rounds complete kit and used to produce round section honey comb.

Section covers available in clear & opaque.  Two section covers are required per completed section.   Some customers use opaque on bottom and clear on top OR use use clear on both sides.

Section Rings are installed in round section frames to hold the drawn out comb.   Two rings are required per section.

Section springs for the ross rounds complete comb honey kit and conversion kit.

See the Ross Rounds Individual Parts website for additional details – Ross Rounds

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

visacheck frames, crystal section covers, opaque section covers, section rings, super springs


each, 40 pack, 100 pack, 400 pack