Ross Rounds Comb Honey Super Kit


Ross Rounds Comb Honey Super is the kit you need to get started producing America’s most popular comb honey! The Ross Rounds® super makes beautiful, all-natural round sections of honey. Simply add the Ross Rounds® super to your hive and let the bees fill in the round rings with honey. Once they are capped, remove the sections, add the covers and a label. Kit comes fully assembled.

The Ross Round Comb Honey System is the best comb honey system on the market. Not only is it the best, its the easiest to use and will produce the nicest most consistent comb honey. The reason so many beekeepers turn to the Ross Round Comb Honey System is because you can still manage and manipulate the frames individually and harvest completed sections out of supers that are not fully filled out. With a low cost of goods on each piece and selling at a higher price then liquid honey, its easy to get your investment back and make more on your honey. Offered in the standard langstrogh 10 frame and 8 frame sizes, its easy to choose which one you need, and will work with your current langstrogh hive setup. More and more consumers are looking for comb honey, start making it today!

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*Requires the 3⅞” (9.84 cm) wax cut comb  / thin surplus foundation sold separately.

Additional section rings & covers are available.

Ross Rounds labels are available separately.


Each 10 FRAME kit comes with the following:

  • 1 Assembled Super
  • 8 Visicheck frames
  • 64 section rings
  • 32 opaque covers
  • 32 crystal covers
  • 3 springs

Each 8 FRAME kit comes with the following:

  • 1 Assembled Super
  • 7 Visicheck frames
  • 56 section rings
  • 28 opaque covers
  • 28 crystal covers
  • 3 springs
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

8 frame, 10 frame