Queen Rearing Cell Emergence Bar


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Queen Rearing Cell Emergence Bar is used along with the original finisher hive and allows the queens to be attended to by the nurse bees that created the cells.   Can also be used with queenless support / banking colonies.

Isolation between the queen compartments insures they are not able to reach each other and fight.   Buys you time to place the virgin queens into mating nucs at your convenience instead of rushing to introduce cells before they emerge.

Queen emergence bar features:

  • Durable wood material
  • Stapled screens provide complete isolation between compartments
  • Large compartment size allows queen to move around
  • Designed for use with JZ-BZ cell cups
  • Multiple cell emergence bars can be placed into a frame  – you will need to build this frame yourself or use one of these queen cell bar frames (block / wedge the queen rearing cell emergence bars in place with bees wax and wood shims depending on frame style)
  • Holds 11 cells / queens per bar – some of our example photos may show more holes but we have redesigned to 11 holes to allow the bars to fit most standard cell bar grafting frames
Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 18 × 2 × 2 in