Lyson Uncapping Tank & Cover


Lyson Uncapping Tank & Cover 1500 mm is a reinforced stainless steel uncapping tank that is a perfect addition to your honey extraction workflow. A flexible and accommodating capacity allows 30 frames while using the included support stand (holds frames while removing wax cappings), and up to 40 frames without the support. Get a jump on straining wax cappings with the removable basket which holds cappings off the bottom of the tank, allowing them to drain.

If looking for an add-on the Lyson table top steam uncapper fits perfectly on top and speeds up the frame uncapping process.

The Lyson Uncapping Tank & Cover includes:

  • Trapezoidal bottom for added strength
  • Height adjustable legs with knobs
  • Stand for holding frames while uncapping
  • Two removable capping baskets
  • Stainless steel cover (not pictured)

Product Specifications:

Uncapping Tank

  • Outside Dimensions: 21-7/8″ wide x 61-3/4″ long
  • Inside Dimensions: 19-1/4″ wide x 59-1/8″ long (1500mm)
  • Frame support strips: 5/8″ below tank top and 5/8″ wide
  • Distance between frame support strips: 18″
  • Tank straight side depth: 15″ (bend for trapezoid)
  • Tank depth at bottom of trapezoid (tank outlet): 17″
  • Width of trapezoid bottom (flat section): 2″
  • Overall height: 33-1/2″ to 32″
  • Outlet: 1-1/2″ Stainless steel welded elbow with honey gate


  • Two separate wax trays with handles
  • Wax tray dimensions (ea): 18-3/4″ wide x 29-1/2″ long
  • Wax tray holes: 3/8″ long x 1/8″ wide
  • Wax tray hole layout: 3/8″ centerline to centerline with 1/4″ offset spacing
  • Frame uncapping support: 15-3/8″ long x 21-7/8″ wide x 15-3/4″ high

Ships via Truck only.  Contact us for details.

See Lyson site for more details.