Lyson 30 frame Premium Extractor


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Lyson 30 frame Premium Extractor is made of 22 gauge stainless steel and has a radial setup to keep up with commercial workloads and computer controlled custom programming for the motor.  Designed for 15+ hive operations or larger.

The control unit on this model is a fully programmable controller that couples with a variable frequency drive to ensure ultimate precision. Adjust speed variance in increments as little as 1%.  An eight program memory capacity comes with two manually operated programs and an automatic mode with factory settings leaving you with the opportunity for five custom programs.

How do programs work?

Each program cycle consists of seven steps and each step is defined by three parameters: the starting time, extractor speed, and duration. Using the programs, the extractor can be set to automatically accelerate over time, and then stop when finished. The extractor can also be reversed if desired as part of the program.

Lyson 30 Frame Premium Extractor Features:

  • Capable of holding 30 deep (9-1/8″), medium (6-1/4″), or shallow (5-3/8″) Langstroth frames
  • Plexiglas cover to observe honey extraction safely
  • Extraction cycle controlled by a top-of-the-line HE-03 automatic motor controller with 8 programs with seven steps, each with an adjustable start time and extractor speed
  • Speed control: Variable frequency drive
  • High quality Mitsubishi inverter supplies power to the motor for a long lasting and quieter machine
  • 4.3″ full color LCD display to access settings and monitor progress
  • Made of acid resistant stainless steel
  • Conical base to facilitate honey drainage
  • Reinforced 2″ honey gate with O-ring seal

Product Specifications:

  • Driven by a sealed, inverter-driven AC motor directly coupled to the bottom end of the extractor shaft through an industrial grade gear box
  • Tub diameter: 32″ x 39″ tall (800mm)
  • Controller box extends 12″ beyond tub diameter
  • 2″ honey gate with O-ring seal
  • Tub wall thickness: 0.8mm (22 gauge)
  • Tub bottom thickness: 1.0mm (19 gauge)
  • Power requirement:120V AC
  • Five year warranty on Lyson W2005000P model

This is a large extractor shipped in a wooden crate – contact us for an accurate freight quote OR arrange pickup from the Minooka IL warehouse.