Instrumental Insemination Accessory Kit


Instrumental Insemination Accessory Kit contains a large assortment of items you will need during your queen insemination efforts:

  • Accessories Storage/Secondary Anesthetization Box
  • Glass insemination tip (5 ea.)
  • (3”) Tygon Connection Hose
  • PVC Secondary Hose (one 18” x 1/8” id and one 12” x 1/8” id)
  • (1) 1/4” x 1/8” reducing coupling
  • (1) 3 ml blunt Tip Syringe
  • (1) 18 ga. blunt syringe
  • 1 ml syringe insemination syringe
  • (1) 22 ga. blunt tip syringe
  • Assortment O-rings

Instrumental Insemination Tips and Capillary Tubes:

We offer two grades of insemination tips. Standard square cut tips and pro-series angle cut tips. Made from borosilicate glass and hand cut and polished. 100 ml semen storage capillaries make semen collection, storage, transport and use a breeze.

Contact us for details on larger quantities of any of the items found in the Instrumental Insemination Accessory Kit.

Weight 16 oz