Queen Introduction Cage


Queen Introduction Cage will help ensure acceptance!   Trap the queen on a brood frame and push the cage directly into the wax.   Allow the workers to release her or do it manually.

This Queen Introduction cage works very well for introduction of instrumentally inseminated queens to allow them to begin laying before they are exposed to the rest of the colony bees.

Place the cage over open comb as well as some capped brood that is just about to emerge so that young nurse bees are trapped under the cage to help take care of the queen and eggs / larvae that she is producing.  This approach helps spread the new queens pheromones amongst the colony and improves acceptance.

Queen Introduction Cage Features:

  • Durable plastic for years of repeated use
  • Includes standoffs for proper height to comb adjustment
  • Section for candy compartment
  • Can be used for introducing mated queens
  • Can be used for introducing instrumentally inseminated queens
Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in