Hive Box Carriers


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Hive Box Carriers for moving complete hives and single supers / shallows with ease.   Constructed of heavy-duty galvanized steel tubing, this 2 person carrier (or one person if you have enough muscles) will hold up to years of use!  Can carry up to 150 lbs (68.04 kg).

2 models of Hive Box Carriers are available:

  • One for deeps AND/OR mediums
  • One for mediums OR shallows

We recommend using ratchet strapping around the entire hive if attempting to move a combination of deep or medium hive boxes all at once.   The strapping will keep all the hive pieces snug together and allow moving them with minimal disruption to the bees inside.   Also, be sure to close off the bottom entrance and top entrance with #8 bulk screen or a closed robbing screen so that the bees don’t pour out!   Using a screened inner cover when moving entire hives can be beneficial as it allows excess heat to escape the hive and not overheat the bees.

Weight 100 oz
Dimensions N/A

For Deeps or Whole Hives, For single Mediums or single Shallows