Food Grade Grease Lubricant / Lubri-Film Plus


Food Grade Grease Lubricant is suitable to use on any extractor or honey flow related products like extractor bushings, transport tube o-rings, sanitary or tri-clamp fittings and many more connection points requiring food safe grease.  Haynes Lubri-Film Plus is an extended performance sanitary lubricant.    Keep all your honey related equipment connection points sealed with food grade grease to improve performance of those connections.

Food Grade Grease Lubricant features:

  • FOOD SAFE MACHINE LUBRICANT – Lubri-Film Plus food safe machine lubricant, designed for commercial kitchens food machines.  This lube works great as a food safe lubricant for honey extracting equipment, soft serve machines and meat slicers.
  • KEEPS YOUR HONEY EXTRACTING EQUIPMENT HEALTHY – food safe grease is designed to be long lasting and reduce friction. Using this food grade lubricant on your honey extracting equipment and processing machines will keep them operating and reduce wear.
  • EXTENDED PERFORMANCE – this machine lube uses a special food grade grease formula that allows it to last much longer.  Food safe grease is designed for longer lubrication intervals. This lubricant wears evenly on all moving parts.
  • REDUCES FRICTION – Wears evenly on all moving parts, preventing metal-to-metal contact and equipment damage. This lube will not dry or gum on equipment.
  • MADE IN THE USA WITH FDA INGREDIENTS – Haynes Lubri Film Plus is made in the USA and is NSF registered H1, Kosher Certified, Halal Certified, and all the ingredients are FDA approved.

Lubricant tube size = 7 gram packet, 1 oz tube and 4 oz tube of Lubri-Film Plus food grade grease.

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7 gram single-use packet, 1 oz tube, 4 oz tube