Winter Inner Cover with Insulation & Candy


Winter Inner Cover with Insulation & Candy

An item that has worked well for us is the insulated inner cover candy boards that we fabricate onsite at our Minooka, IL location.  Our batch for 2021 will be ready for pickup after Thanksgiving and we are taking orders for them now.  They are typically placed on the hive on a warm day in early December .   The item includes the wooden rim rim, double sided foil backed insulation, ventilation notch in the rim and the hardened candy embedded in the board (we custom build these at our place in Minooka).   This piece of equipment accomplishes several things:

  • adds insulation to the top of the hive so moisture does not condense on the inner top area and drip back down on the bees
  • adds candy so the bees have emergency feed if they run out of honey (you can easily monitor the candy by peeking at the candy board in winter)
  • ventilation notch allows excess moisture to escape instead of trapping it in the colony.


We have these in stock for 10 FRAME, 8 FRAME, 5 FRAME and other custom sizes. The boards include the candy.   We will also refill candy boards from previous purchases at a reduced cost.

Several hive wrap options are available if you apiary site is subject to windy conditions like: bee cozywaxed cardboard boxes, easy on hive covers and more.

The boards cannot be shipped as the candy tends to break and fall apart if handled roughly in transit – boards are for pickup at the Minooka IL showroom.


10 frame, 8 frame, 5 frame, 4 frame, custom