Scalvini Queen Cage


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Scalvini Queen Cage in plastic to allow the restriction of brood rearing by trapping the queen. It is inserted in the center of a honeycomb after cutting out the corresponding portion of it. It consists of :

  • Bottom with worker (female) sized cells already embossed
  • The cells are where the queen during imprisonment lays
  • Lid that acts as a queen excluder
  • Lid design allows bees to care for queen and brood
  • Cap plug to free the queen without opening the cage

These cages are a a great way to test out instrumentally inseminated queens or breeder queens and you can place several in one colony.  In observations it is very interesting that, despite the small size of the Scalvini Queen Cage cage, the bees, removing part of the brood laid, allow the queen to lay down for the whole period of imprisonment.

Weight 2 oz