Propola Hive Box


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The propola hive box restores the “propolis envelope” to managed hives and provides basic sanitation and defense against foreign microbes.  The propola hive helps bees help themselves!

Since their origins, honey bees have been enveloping and coating their nests with a natural, resinous substance called propolis. Research has shown that this propolis envelope is a critical part of the colony’s natural defense against disease.  The propola hive box features roughened interior walls to encourage propolis collection and restore the propolis envelope inside the hive. This creates a healthy, stable propolis environment for your bees.

Propola Hive Box Features:

  • Inside of the hive box wood consists of grooved box walls to encourage propolis deposits
  • Unassembled boxes fit together easily and can be glued and/or nailed
  • 10-frame hive box dimensions (fully assembled): 19-7/8” (length) x 16-1/4” (width) x 9-5/8” (height)
  • Lumber: Eastern white pine
  • Made 100% in the USA

Review the science behind the propola hive box:

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