Pine Rosin Gum


Pine Rosin Gum for making your own wax solution for bee hive box dipping.   Wax dipped hive boxes tend to last a very long time typically in excess of 20 years due to all the moisture in the wood being replaced with the pine rosin gum and paraffin wax mix.   Consider high performance HiveGuard Wax which is an alternate to the old fashioned Pine Rosin and Parrafin mix.

Rosin Product Features:

  • One pound bag  (larger custom bags are available – contact us for details)
  • Various sizes of pine rosin gum pieces are included in each bag
  • The pine rosin can be crushed to make a fine powder
  • Rosin can be warmed in the sun and formed into various custom shapes
  • 100% natural amber (yellow) pine rosin collected in the USA using sustainable methods

Use the following instructions to make your own pine rosin gum wax dip for your bee hive boxes:

  • Add 3 parts Paraffin wax to 1 part Pine Rosin Gum
  • Heat to around 220 degrees F and dip for 10 to 15 minutes (DO NOT overheat the mixture as fire can result at 380+ degrees)
  • The goal is to boil all the moisture out of the wood hive box
  • After the hive box is removed from the tank it will begin to cool quickly
  • The equipment can be painted immediately and the paint will adhere to the wood
  • Approximately 1/4 to 1/2 lb of wax & pine rosin mixture per 9 5/8″ deep box is absorbed

Some other uses for this Pine Rosin Gum material are:

  • Rodeo rosin and each bag has a mix of finely crushed powder, pellets and larger nuggets up to 1″.  The nuggets can be used to rosin up your rope or crush easily in a bag or sock.   Rodeo rosin helps improve grip for when it’s time to ride rough stock events. Can be used to as a glove grip enhancer or hand grip enhancer.   Bull, bareback and saddle bronc riders can easily use gum rosin. Easily crush rodeo rosin nuggets to form rosin powder.
  • Sports related uses for pine rosin include: baseball rosin to improve grip on bats and balls.  Baseball rosin has many uses in the game.  Rosin weight lifting hand grip enhancer or glove grip enhancement to allow enhanced safety during workouts.
  • Cloth food wraps rosin can be made and add “stickiness” to organic bees wax wraps by adding equal parts rosin to beeswax.  Make your own alternative to plastic wrap. Heat in a double boiler, low heat with beeswax add 4-5 drops of oil, stir until melted. Brush on cloth and let dry. Use cloth food rosin wraps over and over!
  • Dancing rosin to help improve grip on the studio floor by creating friction between slippery surfaces for a tackier feel.  Dancing rosin with pine gum can help with confidence and lets one focus more on dancing and less on slipping.

An alternative to the Rosin and Paraffin wax combo is to use HiveGuard™ which a a custom blend of Paraffin and Microcrystalline wax designed specifically for woodenware hive equipment dipping.   You can find our more about this process at the following link ->  HiveGuard Wax and the Wax Dipping Days!

Hive Woodenware Wax Dipping Days

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in