Hot Box and Moisture Board


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Hot Box and Moisture Board helps over the winter, bees naturally maintain the proper temperature within the hive by clustering together. As the heat rises in the hive, the hot box works to separate the warm air inside from the cold air outside, which reduces condensation in the hive and reduces the risk of your bees drowning or freezing due to too much moisture in the hive. The heat from the bees is held in the hive by the hotbox, adding insulation.  These boxes are sometimes referred to as a quilt boxes.

The moisture board allows for cross-flow ventilation and helps to draw in additional moisture. Vapors in the hive will travel through the hot box to be captured within the moisture board to be evaporated away.

Our hotbox has been designed specifically for beekeepers in northern climates, but can be used in warmer climates depending on the winter temperatures. Made from a pine medium super and has wire boundaries on the top and bottom, with insulation in the center of the box.

For northern climates, we recommend adding this insulated box to your hive in mid- to late-fall when temperatures begin to dip below 50 degrees F. Quilt box Should be installed directly on top of the top hive body. In southern climates, we recommend installing on the second hive body.

Hot Box and Moisture Board Features

  • Hot box and moisture board combo
  • Hot box works to separate cold outside air from the warm air inside the hive, reducing condensation in the hive
  • The moisture board allows for cross-flow ventilation and absorbs additional moisture
  • Made from a pine shallow super with insulation inside

Available for 10-FRAME equipment

Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 6 in