Fischers Bee Quick


Fischers Bee Quick is a natural, non-toxic blend that quickly moves bees out of honey supers while smelling pleasant to the beekeeper. It isn’t just free of foul odors and toxic substances; it’s actually Food-Grade under FDA regulations.

The Hawaii Organic Farmers Association (a USDA-accredited organic certification authority) has approved Fischer’s Bee-Quick® for use in Certified Organic Beekeeping under USDA National Organic Standards Board guidelines since 2006. Fischers Bee Quick is also the only honey harvesting product approved for use in “Certified Naturally Grown” beekeeping, an alternative to USDA Organic.  is even recommended by “The Backyard Beekeeper” and other popular beekeeping books.

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions N/A

8 oz, gallon