Candle Mold Release Spray


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Candle Mold Release spray is recommended when using silicone candle molds.  The special formulation is safe for Silicone Rubber, Plastic, Metal, Epoxy, Resin, HDPE, Noryl, Nylon, Polyproplyene, Polysulfone, Wax and allows for a quick and easy mold release.

Candle Mold Release Spray Features:

  • Perfect For Many Projects – mold release spray is an excellent choice for almost any project that involves molding material. Silicone mold release spray for epoxy resin mold release can be used for silicone molds, candle molds, wax and urethanes. This spray is easy to use, features high-quality ingredients & leaves you with a great product and intact molds.
  • High Silicone Content – The high level of silicone in the mold release for epoxy resin ensures that your epoxy project doesn’t stick to your silicone molds. Release will be easy thanks to our rubber mold release spray.
  • Special Formula – Made just for use with silicone molds and rubber molds, our mold release spray is the perfect addition to your craft room or toolshed. The special formula ensures that your projects come out exactly the way you want!  Also perfect to use as a resin mold release.
  • Extend the Life of Molds – Use this mold release agent to prevent rips. Silicone molds tend to be fragile when used for molding projects. Non-stick silicone lubricant prevents sticking, and is colorless and odorless. Using silicone spray mold release when creating projects can help prolong the life of your molds by preventing sticking.
  • Easy to Apply – The aerosol spray applicator makes using the releasing agent a breeze. Simply coat the mold in our resin release spray before casting the project. After drying, the mold release allows for easy removal of the finished part from the mold.

How to Use Silicone Mold Release Spray:

  1. First of all, all grease, oil and dirt residues must be completely cleaned from the surface.
  2. The effectiveness of the silicone release agent is inhibited especially by oil and grease.
  3. Shake the can thoroughly.
  4. Apply the mold release spray to the mold by spraying it as finely as possible.
  5. Be sure to cover all mold angles and maintain a distance of 8 to 12 inches from the mold while spraying.
  6. Wait two or three minutes and it’s ready!

Note – exact silicone mold release spray package style may vary from photo.

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