Slovenian AZ Hives

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Slovenian AZ Hives

Originally came from Slovenia and are a strong alternative to the common Langstroth hives. With a Langstroth hive, the beekeeper must lift heavy boxes in order to get their work done. For some of us this lifting just isn’t possible. Some experienced beekeepers find themselves having to quit their hobby for physical reasons and new beekeepers are deterred from the activity all together — all because of these heavy boxes!

This style is one of the first American produced Slovenian AZ hive with accessible frames from the rear like a dollhouse, modified to familiar Langstroth dimensions. These hives eliminates the heavy work of beekeeping!


  • complete 3 -chamber hive including 30 Langstroth deep-size AZ frames
  • screened windows
  • interchangeable queen excluder
  • separator/blocker
  • bottle feeder
  • entrance reducers
  • entrance blockers
  • window latches and rear door  is reversible
  • note the hive shell comes assembled and all the rest is packaged inside unassembled to prevent damage during transport / shipping
  • we provide detailed instructions to assemble this unit
  • you will need is a screwdriver (no special tools are needed)

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