Resource Hive / Double Nuc


Resource hive can streamline the supply of nucleus colonies for sale with the complete double nuc system.   Can also be used to increase honey production by using common supers above a queen excluder over both nucs!

Resource Hive / Double Nuc kit includes:

  • Divided Bottom Board
  • 4 x Four Frame Deep Hive Boxes (unassembled)
  • 2 x Inner Covers
  • Nail Kit

Overwintered nucleus colonies are an excellent method for Northern beekeepers to minimize their dependence on package bees. Colonies overwinter in 8 frames in a four frame over four frame configuration. The overwintered nucleus colonies we sell are raised in the resource hive type of boxes.   There are many advantages of overwintered nucleus colonies!

  • Availability in early spring of locally adapted queens and nucs for northern beekeepers
  • Less concern about importation of Africanized bees and other pests not found in our local area.
  • Overwintered nucs and their queens are “proven” in that they have already survived a winter
  • The beekeeper has resources in reserve to expand or replace winter losses

Optional frames

Requires a telescoping cover.  All parts of this resource hive kit are unassembled except the bottom board. The 4 frame deep boxes do not have nail holes drilled on the small ends. You will need a total of 16 deep frames and foundation for this setup.

Exact style of boxes and parts may vary from the photos.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Bottom Board + 4 Deeps + 2 Inner Covers + Nail Kit, Bottom Board + 4 Deeps + 2 Inner Covers + Nail Kit + 16 frames + Telescoping Cover