Queen Nursery Frame with Queen Cages


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Queen Nursery Frame with Queen Cages

This nursery frame and cages are unique in that they can be used for many of the production steps in the rearing of a honey bee queen:

  • The top cap of each queen cage contains a wood cell cup on the underside, prime the queen cups with wax and then graft into them (use a rounded wood dowel to smooth the shape of the cell cup before grafting), the round flat top of the cap can be stuck to a standard queen rearing cell bar using warm wax and placed into a starter / finisher colony
  • Once the new cells are drawn out and capped move them back to the nursery frame and into the cages
  • These nursery cages protect the developing queens and allow them to emerge into the queen cages
  • The emerged virgin queens will be taken care of through the screens while waiting for introduction to a mating nuc
  • The bottom of the nursery cage has a metal door that can be flipped open and a piece of fondant installed to slow the release of the queen in the mating nuc or production colony

Can also be used for storing or banking mated queens bees in the wooden queen cages and can be used to hold many queens side by side in queenless colonies.

Queen Nursery Frame with Queen Cages features:

  • One Langstroth deep size nursery frame
  • 20 queen cages are included with top wood cell cup, screens and bottom metal door
  • 2 queen cage shelves that can rotate, each shelf holds up to 11 cages (the 11 cage configuration maxes out the shelf and the 1ueen cages are fairly tight)


Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 2 in