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Queen Cells For Sale consisting of local Meyer Bees stock which we consider “mutts” produced from our best overwintered colonies.   All colonies are located in the Minooka IL area and surrounding cities.     The Meyer Bees stock is primarily Italian with some good crosses for overwintering success, good honey production, disease & mite tolerance and are easy to work.

We begin producing local Queen Cells for sale when the weather warms up in our area typically around the start of May.   The availability of queen cells will depend on several factors as most of our queen cells go to our nucs for producing mated queens or actual 5-frame nucs.   If you anticipate needing queens cells for a specific timeframe please let us know several weeks before you need them and we will get your queen cell order into our schedule.

Please specify your requested date in the “notes” section on checkout.


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single queen cell, 10 pack of queen cells ($8 ea), 20 pack of queen cells ($7 ea)