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** OUT OF STOCK UPDATE APRIL 2024 **   Testing of the new model compatible with both LED & INCADESCENT bulbs is underway.   If you wish to be notified when the plant a lamp is back in stock send an email to [email protected] with the quantity you wish to purchase.   We will be sending out an email to the waiting list soon and we will process orders on a first come first served basis.


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The Plant-a-Lamp is a lamp pole which is “planted” in the soil of a live potted houseplant. Add a light bulb and lampshade of your choice to turn it into a plant grow lamp. When the pole is plugged in it turns the leaves of the plant into the light switch. Pinch a leaf to turn the lamp on and off. Pinch and hold a leaf to dim and brighten the lamp.

**NOTE our Plant-a-Lamp is only compatible with electronics in the USA – we do not have an international version at this time.

Also note that this only includes the pole – you would supply your own pot, plant, shade and 60 watt incandescent bulb.

vintage 1970s magic plantern lamp on touch sensitive lamp for plants plant-a-lamp pinch to dim light

Plant-a-Lamp Features

  • Just touch any leaf to turn your lamp on or off
  • Pinch a leaf and the lamp will dim or brighten to whatever level you choose
  • The lamp will turn on to the previous dim level
  • Sensitivity to touch can be adjusted via the pole mounted knob
  • When the soil becomes dry the Plant-a-Lamp will blink the lamp indicating the soil needs water
  • Can be fitted with any style of shade (shade not included)
  • Three shade mounting options supported: bulb clip-on, harp mounting, under bulb mounting
  • Plant-a-Lamp pole can be painted to match any décor
  • 60 watt incandescent or LED dimmable bulb is recommended (bulb not included) / CFL (compact fluorescent) are not supported
  • Includes 5 ft cord for 120 Volt 60 Hz North American style plug
  • Plant-a-Lamp lighting pole stands 16 inches high, up to 7 inches of the pole can be potted in the soil

Note that there was a vintage 1970s magic plantern lamp shade which has a slightly different magic lamp style but we have been unable to locate the original plantern lamp design.

How do I setup the Plant-a-Lamp?
plant-a-lamp pot selectionpotting a plant-a-lamp in the soilwater the plantalamp soilplant a lamp touch sensitive light 


Samples – these are REAL LIVE PLANTS!
Using microchip technology, the Plant-a-Lamp lighting pole, which has been designed and is manufactured in Britain, enables you to combine an attractive arrangement with an incredible conversation piece. By adding living plants to your own choice of planter/pot and shade you can create a unique lamp to suit your own home or office décor.  You would receive just the pole – it is green – some of the samples below have been painted other colors.


Q. How does it work?
A. You don’t really think we are going to tell you that do you? There is a scientific explanation, but part of the fun of owning a Plant-a-Lamp is hearing your friends try to work it out. We’ve had stories ranging from friction, body heat and pressure, to “there’s a sensor at the top” and “seven satellites orbit the Earth and every time one passes overhead it picks up a signal”. All you need to know is this is a fantastic piece of micro-chip technology which means every time you touch any leaf the light switches on, hold a leaf and it brightens or dims until you let go and when you touch a leaf again it switches off. There are no switches other than your plant’s leaves themselves.

Q. But you’ll need to water the plants and I was always taught you can’t mix water and electricity. Is it safe?
A. It’s funny, people never say this when they buy their electric kettle, steam iron, shower etc., but you’re right, normally we avoid combining these two but not in the case of Plant-a-Lamp because this is no ordinary product. In fact without moisture it can’t work so if you neglect your arrangement you will try to switch it on and find the light flickering, effectively saying “It’s about time you watered me!” Plant-a-Lamp needs moisture in the soil to pass a tiny impulse to the plant. It is totally safe and, unlike most other electrical appliances, doesn’t merely rely on the 3 amp fused plug to safeguard you, there are three other safety overrides, a microchip and two resistors, on the electronics board. 70,000 Plant-a-Lamps have been sold in 35 different countries since its original launch on “Tomorrow’s World” and to our knowledge it has a 100% safety record during that time. Not only is it safe but it undergoes the most rigorous testing. It has been subjected to a 13 page report by the British Standards Institute and tested to meet Low Voltage and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives to make sure it doesn’t interfere with your TV, telephone, computer, pace maker, hearing aid etc. It carries the European Union CE quality assurance mark and comes with a 2 year guarantee.

Q. If it switches on when you touch a leaf, what happens if a fly lands on it?
A. Nothing unless the fly has a leg long enough to reach the floor. Let’s face it if you’ve got a fly that size, the light being switched on isn’t your biggest problem.

Q. But won’t the kids trash it?
A. Kids genuinely believe it’s magic. OK, for the first few days it’s like a disco but they get used to it. On the practical side, your children then have a lamp they can switch on or off easily without having to put their fingers near a hot bulb where the switch is on ordinary lamps. Similarly, people with arthritis find the ease of operation a distinct advantage.

Q. What size bulb does the plant lamp take? Will it work with Energy Saver bulbs?
A. Most lamp shades have a 60 watt limit on them so this is the maximum we recommend and we advise not to go below 40 watts as we need a certain energy flow to make it work. Unfortunately, on energy saver bulb packs you will see it says “not suitable with dimmers” so sadly, until the bulb makers get their act together, we have to say “no”.  60 watt incandescent or LED dimmable bulb is recommended – CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs are not supported.

Q. Won’t the heat from the bulb burn the plants?
A. No. The heat rises through the top of the shade leaving gentle warmth, which combines with the moisture in the soil to provide excellent growing conditions. We’ve never carried out biological tests but our customers say their plants thrive.

Q. Will you have the old style Magic Plantern Lamp shade version at some time?
A. No, we have been unable to locate the vintage design documents or any samples of the 1970s Magic Plantern Lamp shade design.

What’s Included in the Package?
One new retail box Plant-a-Lamp lighting pole with instruction booklet. You must supply your own pot, light bulb, shade, soil, live plant, water, etc. You are only purchasing the lamp pole.

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 20 × 3 × 3 in