Lyson 8/9 Medium Super Hive Box


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Lyson 8/9 Medium Super Hive Box.

Unassembled medium super for the Lyson “8/9″ hive system. Holds 8 or 9 medium frames (6-1/4”). We recommend using 9 frames the first year, and then using 8 frames once frames are fully drawn out. Be sure to space frames evenly in the super. This polystyrene super features built-in handles on all four sides, plus heavy duty reinforced edges top and bottom. It interlocks with other Lyson 8/9 frame components: bottom board, deep hive bodies, and outer covers. Includes assembly screws.

Note: This super is not compatible with other wood or polystyrene components; it is designed to work only with the Lyson 8/9 frame components. A standard 8 frame queen excluder fits well with this super

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 6 in