Lyson Polystyrene Nuc Box


Lyson Polystyrene Nuc Box  (6 frame) is a made of sturdy high density polystyrene and holds six deep frames (not included). The frame rests are reinforced with plastic and both the bottom board and outer cover are ventilated. The outer cover has multiple closable vents to allow plenty of ventilation in any season. A propolis trap is used as an inner cover to prevent bees from building comb in the outer cover. Included metal latches hold the cover in place. The entrance can be set to queen excluder mode, fully closed for transport (flip over), or wide open (remove sliding plastic piece).  The Lyson 6 Frame Polystyrene Nuc Box provides increased insulation value in hive to more closely mimic a natural tree cavity.   Insulated W1130.    Additional expansion boxes to add more levels to the Lyson 6 frame nuc box are available here -> Lyson Nuc Hive Body

Please note: Frames are not included.   Assembly and painting required.

See Lyson site for additional details.

Weight 240 oz
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in