Lyson Polystyrene Hive Kit


Lyson Polystyrene Hive (10 frame) is sturdy yet light, the unassembled 10 frame sized Lyson hive is a polystyrene Langstroth model which fits both plastic and wooden deep frames.  Increases insulation value in the bee hive to more closely mimic a natural tree cavity.   W1103

Insulated Hive kit includes:

  • Bottom board with removable tray for varroa testing and ventilation
  • Mouse guard/entrance reducer/closure
  • 2 x deep unassembled polystyrene hive bodies
  • Cloth inner cover
  • Outer polystyrene cover with 8 polystyrene plugs and 8 black plastic venting plugs
  • 4 x metal latches that attach the two deep hive bodies and outer cover together
  • Assembly screws

Lyson Polystyrene Hive Kit Notes:

  • The bottom board is screwed to the bottom deep box, creating one unit that includes both bottom board and deep hive body.
  • Frames are not included
  • Comes unpainted. We recommend painting with an exterior grade latex paint.
  • Assembly required

See Lyson site for additional details.

Weight 400 oz
Dimensions 26 × 20 × 12 in