California Mini Queen Cages & Candy Tubes


California Mini Queen Cages were produced after considerable thought and careful craftsmanship by one of the country’s leading queen producers and has brought the cage to queen breeders big and small.

Its size makes this queen cage easy to insert between the frames without damaging the comb or disturbing the hive.

The fine screen keeps the queen protected and it is pushed flat to the cage during manufacturing to reduce the chance of injury to the beekeeper handling them.  The large release hole can be fitted with the cork (included with the cage) or the filled candy tube (available separately).

Candy Tubes Steps

  1. Plug the California Mini Queen Cages with filled candy tubes for a timed release of your queens.
  2. Carefully remove the cork from the cage and replace it with a filled candy tube
  3. Install the cage with candy tube into the colony for introduction
  4. Note – Filled Candy Tubes should be kept refrigerated
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california mini queen cages, candy tubes


10 pack, 100 pack