BroodMinder W2 Beehive Scale


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BroodMinder W2 beehive scale is our most accurate scale. It uses 4 force sensors to weigh the entire hive and sits on top of the bottom board for fast, convenient installation, even with hive pallets. The slatted rack design prevents the bees from building burr comb, allowing the beehive scale to be placed above the brood chamber.  Consider adding temperature and humidity modules to give you a complete picture of colony activity.

BroodMinder W2 Beehive Scale features:

  • 400-pound total hive weight measurement
  • 0.01 pound (5 gram) resolution
  • Temperature compensated
  • Stores weight once per hour for 12 months (user configurable)
  • Replaceable AA batteries last 2 years
  • 16.5” x 20” x 2.25” Pine and aluminum construction
  • 14.0” x 20” x 2.25” (8 frame version)
  • Available for 10 & 8 frame hives
  • Weatherproof


NOTE: The scale is designed for a standard 8/10 frame Langstroth hive. It can sit under other types, but may not fit in the hive stack. stores your data for free because of our primary goal: Better Bee Health.

This goal is accomplished through the creation of diagnostic hardware and software, working seamlessly to present bee health data.
Much as EKGs help doctors better understand the stresses of their patients, our equipment reveals the health metrics of bee hives. This allows the beekeeper to make hive adjustments based on facts, not hunches. While the collection of data is done at the hive level, the software allows for hive metrics to be shared publicly. This will assist the overall beekeeping community by presenting common insights, and answering the myriad of “what if” questions that are so common with beekeepers. Beekeepers and researchers alike will benefit from this free and anonymous shared data.

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