Anel Hive Cover – Insulated R6


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Anel hive cover is a modern tool with many advantages…

Anel Hive Cover Features

  • Double walled with the gap filled with polyurethane foam insulation
  • With 4 ventilation plugs
  • Unmatched impact strength and load support
  • Anti-slip surface to prevent hives from slipping during transportation
  • 4 points of attachment at the front, back and the sides (adjustable or wire type)
  • Insulated hive cover R6 is resistant to chemicals (caustic potash, oxalic acid, formic acid, bleach etc.).
  • Exact color of cover shipped will vary depending on colors in stock (White, Grey, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green) – call to request a color.

If you use ventilated bottom boards the hive has adequate ventilation even without ventilation caps.   Just think of the wild hives settling on the top part of closed spaces, like tree hollows.   Includes Anel latch kit.

See Anel  for additional details.

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 4 in