Anel Beehive RFID Tags


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Anel Beehive RFID Tags allow you to scan your hives with your Apple or Android mobile device app and then key in or select data for tracking the hive status.  Because the typical beekeeper is not able to type on their phone wearing protective gloves the app supports a voice recording mode where you can key in the data later on in the comfort of your home.  The beehive management software is provided by Anel and is a work in progress and they are planning to implement many new features over the upcoming months.

Features of the Anel Bee hive RF ID tags:

  • RF tags include a 3M adhesive pad on the back to allow them to stick to hive surfaces
  • The tags are durable and do not need batteries
  • No moving parts
  • The tags are read using NFC technology (near field communication)
  • The Anel bee hive tags can be painted and not impact the ability to read them
  • Each tag contains a unique ID and no two tags are the same
  • Apps to read the Anel RF tags are available for popular mobile devices iOS and Android

Features of the Anel Beehive ID hive application software:

  • The Anel App free beehive software is available to download and use!
  • Compatible with the ID tags shown here
  • Supports multiple apiaries
  • Supports multiple colonies at each apiary
  • Track beehive stats relating to colony size, honey stores, treatments applied, hive box counts, queen status, etc.
  • Supports voice recording mode and acts like a dictation device
  • Anel App data is uploaded to the cloud and can be reviewed online via the Anel portal on your desktop computer
  • Exact features subject to change without notice

Apple iOS iPhone beehive RFID application ->  Anel app iOS download here

Google Android beehive RFID application -> Anel app Android download here

The Anel Beehive ID mobile app usage video is available here -> Anel RFID tag reading procedure

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