Meyer Bees’ beekeeping and honey production process involves monitoring the hives to add honey supers at appropriate times to maximize local honey while still allowing the bees to build up sufficient honey for themselves to survive Chicago, Illinois winters.


Honey extracting

Once the bees have capped the frames in a honey super, the frames are harvested and are transported back to our honey extraction room.  When beekeeping and honey extracting, we remove the cappings and put the frames into an extractor which spins the frames at high speed.  The honey is flung out of the cells and exits the extractor where it runs through a mesh screen.  The screen removes large wax shavings from the cappings and miscellaneous debris from the honey.  The screen allows all the good stuff (pollen, nutrients, enzymes, etc.) through while removing undesirables.

We harvest honey and perform separate honey extraction several times a season and each batch will have a slightly different flavor/color based on the nectar sources available at the time. Wax cappings are also saved for use in other products such as candles, lip balm, etc.

Get 100% Raw Honey from Meyer Bees

At no point do we alter our honey in any way – we do NOT pasteurize or blend our honey with other products.  Our honey is 100% raw honey.  Try purchasing raw honey at different times of the year to experience the various flavors.

To purchase honey, call us at 815-521-9116 or email


Our Apiaries

Meyer Bees manages hives and local honey production at multiple sites (called apiaries) in the Chicagoland area.  We have apiaries in Minooka, Illinois, as well as many surrounding cities including: Plainfield, Joliet, Downers Grove, Homer Glen, Oswego, Newark, Shorewood, Morris and Lockport.