Russian Nuc, 5 Frame


5 frame Russian nuc with mated and laying marked queen, 2-3 frames brood, 2 frames honey/pollen.

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Russian nuc with mated and laying marked Russian queen, 2-3 frames brood, 2 frames honey/pollen.  All nucs consist of 5 deep frames (medium frame nucs available upon request).  For pickup at our Minooka, IL apiary.


Russian honey bees have an innate resistance to various parasitic mites. This race occurs in the original native range of the varroa mite, and selective pressure could have favored bees that exhibited aggressive behavior against colony-level mite infestations. Accordingly, experimental research has found that mite populations decline in colonies of pure Russian and of hybrid Russian-Italian bees. The mechanisms through which mite populations are controlled in these colonies include hygienic behavior towards mites, and possibly increased aggression towards mites. Russian stocks also have been shown to resist infection by tracheal mites.

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Weight 80 oz